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Title: Red Star in Orbit
Date: 1981
Price: $16.95
Publisher: Random House

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Other Info
'Red Star in Orbit' is on display in the private space museum of the 'Energia Space and Rocket Corporation', Moscow suburb of Korolyov.
Chapter excerpt: "A Woman in Space, Too!" (PDF File)


Read the reviews of Star-Crossed Orbits at Amazon.com.

"A balanced and convincing book" - Discover

"I enjoyed reading it immensely" - Apollo-11 astronaut Michael Collins

"An eye-opening account of an incredible era" - Astronomy

"One of the most important studies of the Soviet space program yet made for general audiences" - Christian Science Monitor

"By far the best book yet published on space history" - Choice

"The definitive US book on the Soviet space program" - Newsweek


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