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My cover story for the May issue of 'Astronomy' magazine features the Chelyabinsk Super-Bolide. The main story is for subscribers only, but a sidebar on an intriguing unpublicized feature of the meteor -- some people HEARD it hissing by overhead, minutes before the shock wave reached the ground -- is fully accessible here.

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Plucky Japanese Asteroid Mission Faces Triumphs

Jim's Final Advisories

Spectrum (March 2010): "Bringing Back a Piece of Heaven"

02/04/2009: Asteroid Explorer Hayabusa Enters Into Second Phase Orbit Maneuvering
"The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is doing its best to operate the Asteroid Explore "HAYABUSA" to return it to Earth in June 2010."

02/11/2009: Yomiuri (Tokyo): "New Hope for Return of Hayabusa Space Probe"

11/10/2009: Official Japanese status report on ion thruster problems

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Jim's three MSNBC stories in 2005 about the asteroid encounter:

06/07/2005: Japan shoots for a piece of an asteroid -- Hayabusa sample-return mission nears critical stage. "A celestial “smash-and-grab” space mission that could become the greatest triumph in the history of the Japanese space program is entering its most challenging stage in deep space." http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/8131678/

11/14/2005: Asteroid-hopping robot misses its mark

12/09/2005: The real promise of Japan's asteroid mission -- Even if it fails to bring back sample, its innovation should inspire. " Somewhere beyond the far side of the Sun, a battered Japanese space probe is struggling to make its critical condition clear to controllers back on Earth so they can diagnose the latest problems, develop another set of 'work-around' procedures and implement them by remote control. The project's goal, to return from a years-long interplanetary odyssey with samples from an asteroid, has been teetering on the edge of failure for most of the trip, but the Japanese control team has always been able to work something out before. "



01/2011 - Astronomy: cover story: "How We'll Probe the Solar System"
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03/09/2006 - MSNBC.com: Let us drink from the fountains of Enceladus

01/18/2006 - MSNBC.com: “Scientists overjoyed with comet samples (Stardust)”

12/09/2005 - MSNBC.com: “Japan's asteroid mission -- its innovation should inspire”
11/14/2005 - MSNBC.com: Asteroid-hopping robot misses its mark
11/2005 - Astronomy: The Biggest Hole in the Moon
07/08/2005 - MSNBC: Arabs claim comet probe is ‘space weapon’ (Deep Impact)
06/16/2005 - MSNBC.com: “Sources say Flawed test threw Deep Impact imager off kilter
01/17/2005 - The Space Review: How Huygens Avoided disaster
12/07/2004 - MSNBC.com: How 'Safe Haven' Could Save Hubble
11/2004 - Skeptical Inquirer: “New twist to old Tunguska UFO myth
10/21/2004 - MSNBC.com: “‘Murphy’s Law’ rules outer space (Genesis Crash)
10/04/2004 - Spectrum IEEE: Saving the Huygens Titan Probe
8/12/2004 - MSNBC.com: “1908 Tunguska explosion gets even more tangled”
05/30/2004 - MSNBC.com: Officials deny reports they've scrapped moon venture
05/24/2004 - Space News: Will China’s Space Plan Skip the Moon?
05/18/2004 - MSNBC.com: Baseless Rumor of Canceled Man-to-Moon Program
04/05/2004 - Space News: New Planetoid Opens Magical Possibilities
03/22/2004 - MSNBC.com: Hubble debate - a lot of sound and fury
01/14/2004 - USA TODAY: “Think outside moon-Mars box: Maybe visit asteroid
03/23/2001 - CNN: Mir Falls To Earth – Jim Oberg reporting for CNN, aboard Mir
01/2001 - 'Astronomy': "Military Magic for Astronomy [Adaptive Optics]"
03/01/2000 - Scientific American: A Bus Between the Planets
02/01/2000 - Space Probe's Complex Courtship Dance With Eros UPI
01/01/2000 - Prolonging a failing science satellite
08/1999 - 'Astronomy': "Spacecraft Got Swing" (planetary fly-by explanation)
1998 - A Planetary Protection Prediction
02/04/1997 - ABC News: 'ET in Quarantine'
08/1996 - Did Moon Bugs Really Survive on Surveyor-3
1996 - Visual Observations of Space Shuttle STS-72 Entry
07/1994 - OMNI: “Target Jupiter; the celestial collision of the century
07/1993 - OMNI: “Rocks for sale - lunar rocks


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