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Excerpt from 'Star-Crossed Orbits' - Designing the ISS Orbit (PDF File)


space station duct tape

My source explains: "That's the ducting that takes air from the Node 2 Fwd and bypasses the Node 2, dumping it into the Lab. There have been issues in the past of CO2 levels in the Shuttle, so the air is drawn straight from Shuttle to the Lab, where the Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly operates, thus lower CO2 levels in the Shuttle :-)"

more photos and story here


Russia's "Fast Rendezvous" Missions

11/28/2012 -- ADVISORY -- Proposal to invite China on board the International Space Station
11/26/2012 -- ADVISORY -- Year-long ISS mission
09/05/2012 -- ADVISORY -- space station EVA repair
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06/2009 - AIAA: Soyuz Emergency Landings Investigation Lands With A Whimper
02/04/2009 - MSNBC.com: Shaking on space station rattles NASA
Vigorous vibrations caught on video during orbital reboost last month [and NASA kept them secret]
02/03/2009 - MSNBC.com: Shaking on Space Station rattles NASA
11/10/2008 - 2007-2008 Soyuz Landing Troubles
10/01/2008 - MSNBC.com: US-Russian Space Partnership Works as Reluctant Co-Dependence
08/28/2008 - MSNBC.com: Station Dodges Controversial Russian Space Junk

07/02/2008 - MSNBC.com: Cosmonauts to remove suspect pyrotechnic device from Soyuz craft

06/13/2008 - MSNBC.com: Why NASA watches out for true UFOs
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10/29/2007 - The Space Review: Two women spacecraft commanders: the meaning of the meeting
10/04/2007 - IEEE Spectrum: Internal NASA Reports Explain Origins of June Computer Crisis
09/2007 - IEEE Spectrum: Russians Prepare to Go to Mars Without Leaving the Ground
Fall/2007 - ROBOT magazine: Celestial Spheres INSIDE the Space Station
06/21/2007 - SEED magazine: Astronaut Tinkering Leads to Science Insights
06/18/2007 - Florida Today: Confidence in failed ISS computers misplaced?

Oberg: “I must confess I'm a more than a little bit dismayed by Mr. Engelauf's apparent brushing off the question of what caused the original computer problems with the assurances that since the crew has found a way to get them working again, the problems are for all intents and purposes solved”

06/14/2007 - MSNBC.com: Space station glitch puzzles the experts
06/01/2007 - Spectrum IEEE: Station Computer Crisis
05/12/2005 - MSNBC.com: Astronaut Chiao's "UFO fleet" identified
05/01/2007- MSNBC.com: Space station lights its ‘big engines’
Spring 2007 - Ad Astra: Russia's proposed 'PAROM' space tug
10/22/2006 - NASA Space: NASA's Newest [and oldest] Flight Control Room
04/06/2007 - MSNBC.com: Russian rookie takes spaceship’s helm
03/27/2007 - MSNBC.com: Space station trip will push the envelope
03/15/2007 - MSNBC.com: Space station sinks to new low - but it's OK
02/21/2007 - MSNBC.com: Spacewalkers tread lightly amid dock dangers
01/26/2007 - MSNBC.com: Choosing which spacesuit to wear
12/04/2006 - MSNBC.com: ISS Crew To Jettison Piano-sized Surplus Unit
12/01/2006 - MSNBC.com:Jammed Kurs Antenna Needs Second Reapir Spacewalk
10/31/2006 - Spectrum: More Problems with Elektron Oxygen Generator
07/07/2006 - MSNBC.com: Space station benefits from wide opening
06/26/2006 - The Space Review: Terrorist Threat to Baykonur Cosmodrome?
06/2006 - "Science Web" Magazine (Tokyo): The Future of the Russian Space Program
05/08/2006 - The Space Review: The real significance of the ISS thruster test failure
04/19/2006 - MSNBC.com: Space station engine test fizzles
04/13/2006 - MSNBC.com: Bigelow space hotel nears first orbital test
04/10/2006 - The Space Review: Soyuz launch comm emergency
04/2006 - IEEE Spectrum: "When two spacecraft meet, they rely on Vladimir Syromyatnikov"
03/23/2006 - MSNBC.com: Good news gets lost in space station shuffle
03/13/2006 - MSNBC.com: Space station set for rare eclipse encounter
02/22/2006 - MSNBC.com: ISS "Glovesuit" Spotted (re 'Suitsat')
02/20/2006 - MSNBC.com: Release of private space medical records enhances safety
02/17/2006 - MSNBC.com: Records offer rare look at space medical secrets
02/06/2006 - MSNBC.com: Uncertainties cloud shuttle schedule
01/31/2006 - MSNBC.com: Spacesuit goes overboard for unusual mission ('Suitsat')
01/17/2006 - MSNBC.com: “Do astronauts and alcohol mix?”
11/01/2005 - MSNBC.com: Dangling strap to blame for scary space leak?
10/19/2005 - MSNBC.com: “Space station snags”
08/03/2005 - MSNBC: “Phantom Force’ Lofts Space Station – For Free

07/31/2005 - MSNBC.com: Did astronauts really ‘load 15 tons’?

07/18/2005 - MSNBC.com: Space station crew takes a brief road trip
06/10/2005 - MSNBC.com: Russia ready to take lead on space station
06/2005 - AD ASTRA magazine (PDF File): Spaceflight Demands Astronauts be Inventive
05/19/2005: MSNBC.com: “Mounting shuttle delays stress space station systems
05/09/2005 - MSNBC.com: Astronaut Susan Helms explains secret of space station’s success
05/06/2005 - MSNBC.com: Space Station stars in tale of endurance
04/01/2005 - MSNBC.com: “Time running out for space station deal
02/28/2005 - The Space Review: Action-reaction in space: the "gyrodine war" heats up
02/10/2005 - MSNBC.com: New NASA Memo Confirms Spacewalk Thruster Incident
01/31/2005 - MSNBC.com: "Spacewalk thruster incident (phantom torque) alarms NASA"
01/07/2005 - MSNBC.com: Oxygen has its ups and downs on space station
Summer 2005 - AD ASTRA magazine (PDF File): "Spacemen become inventive by necessity"
12/02/2004 - MSNBC: NASA split over noise on space station
12/01/2004 - Discovery-Canada: (Video) Jim Discusses 'Kliper' Spaceship
12/01/2004 - MSNBC.com: Next-generation Russian spaceship unveiled
10/28/2004 - MSNBC.com: NASA mulls early retirement for space shuttle
10/18/2004 – MSNBC.com: Space lessons from the Russians
10/01/2004 - Spaceflight (PDF File): ISS Science Returns Uncertain
09/28/2004 - MSNBC.com: Space station launch delayed again
09/15/2004 - MSNBC.com: New Russian mishap threatens launch schedule
09/09/2004 - MSNBC.com: Oxygen problems plague space station
08/20/2004 - MSNBC.com: Russian millionaire rejected for space ride
08/2004 - SPACEFLIGHT Magazine: The Unsung Success of ISS Telescience
08/03/2004 - MSNBC.com: Spacewalkers cope with phantom menace
06/09/2004 - MSNBC.com: "Space science done by remote control"
05/27/2004 - MSNBC.com: Russia to bill U.S. for spacewalk
05/24/2004 - MSNBC.com: Failed US Spacesuits Forces Russian Option
05/01/2004 - Popular Science: Converting ISS into a Space Hotel
04/19/2004 - MSNBC.com: NASA says no to 12-month space mission
04/09/2004 - MSNBC.com: NASA selects new class of astronauts
03/29/2004 - MSNBC.com: Space station offers key lessons for Mars
03/25/2004 - MSNBC.com: NASA mulls proposal for yearlong space stay
03/14/2004 - MSNBC.com: NASA Anxious of New Military Chief of Russian Space
03/01/2004 - MSNBC.com: Spacewalk risks weighed in retrospect
02/27/2004 - Discovery-Canada: Space Station's Risky Space Walk
02/27/2004 - MSNBC.com: Spacewalk glitch may prove to have silver lining
02/23/2004 - MSNBC.com: Station spacewalks will be far from routine
02/17/2004 - MSNBC.com: Space station crew spots bits of debris
02/12/2004 - MSNBC.com: Space station crew prepares to fix window
01/16/2004 - MSNBC.com: Space station leak caused by crew
01/11/2004 - MSNBC.com: Crew finds 'culprit’ in space station leak
12/02/2003 - Discovery-Canada: Interview: Mystery Space Station Noise (video)
12/02/2003 - MSNBC.com: NASA split over space station noise
11/21/2003 - MSNBC.com: Russia's Secret: Space Station Nearly Died The Day It Was Born
11/17/2003 - MSNBC.com: ISS Tourist Visits to Stop by 2009
11/2003 - Air & Space: Inflatable Reentry Vehicles - Past and Future
10/01/2003 - Spectrum: "Make ISS A Stepping-Stone To The Planets"(with
Cass & Zak)
09/22/2003 - MSNBC.com: NASA adds extra shuttle mission
08/24/2003 - MSNBC.com: Surviving the isolation of space
08/17/2003 - MSNBC.com: Heavy load for next station crew
08/10/2003 - MSNBC.com: Cosmonaut in world’s first space wedding
05/20/2003 - MSNBC.com: Wright Flyer model soars in space
05/05/2003 - MSNBC.com: Software bug sent Soyuz off course / IEEE detailed report
05/05/2003 - Soyuz TMA report for IEEE
04/21/2003 - Space station trip reflects new reality
03/19/2003 - Space station crew makes repairs
02/27/2003 - MSNBC.com: Next space station mission approved
12/05/2002 - Space News: No Demanning of ISS Planned
11/26/2002 - MSNBC.com: NASA Mulls Station Evacuation Plan
10/15/2002 - Space News: Soyuz TMA Improvements
09/09/2002 - Are Russian Space Bargains Really a Good Deal?
08/28/2002 - Spacer.com: Can Lance Sing His Way Into Space
07/2002 - Scientific American: “Noise becomes a concern on the International Space Station (Scientific American)
06/17/2002 - Scientific American.com: Orbital Shouting
04/25/2002 - MSNBC.com: "Rough space ride raises questions (secrets of Tito’s Soyuz landing)
06/21/2001 - NASA Promises Again...
04/24/2001 - USA Today: Space agency lacks candor
04/12/2001 - Budget Restraints and ISS Log Editing Impact NASA's Open Access Policy
02/10/2001 - MSNBC.com: Spacesuit troubles for station crew
12/31/2000 - MSNBC.com: Part 2, from 'Star-Crossed Orbits'
12/31/2000 - MSNBC.com: Book Excerpt, ISS First Expedition, part 1:
11/01/2000 - Spectrum: NASA's big push to the space station
04/14/2000 - Galaxy Online: Violence in Russian Space Simulator
04/04/2000 - UPI: Cosmonauts to Reopen Mir
12/01/1999 - Popular Science: ISS Alternatives to Russian Hardware
12/1999 - Popular Science: "Are the Russians Lost in Space?" Profiles the "Interim Control Module" developed as backup to Russian hardware and discusses impacts of delays in Russian hardware for the International Space Station.
11/11/1999 - Speech on Russian partnership, Baker Institute, Houston
12/04/1998 - ABCnews.com: Fancy Space Maneuvers on STS-88: Firsts and Lasts on Space Assembly Mission
11/20/1998 - ABC.com: Big Project, Big Worries
10/07/1998 - House Space Subcommittee hearings on "Bail-out for Russia"
09/18/1997 - Statement for House Science Committee
10/01/1998 - ABC: Space Station Bogs Down
01/1998 - ABC: "Space Station Schedule Stretches Out"
2/1997 - NASA's Deliberate Self-Deception on the Russians
12/1996 - Air and Space Magazine (PDF File): United We Orbit
1992 - Could NASA Have Saved Skylab?


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