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Chinese anti-satellite test opens year of "space weapons" controversy

MSNBC, Jan 18, 2007
"Bold move escalates space war debate"

'Spectrum', Jan 19, 2007

MSNBC, Jan 19, 2007
"Questions deepen over satellite-killer test"

Weekly Standard, January 27, 2007
"China Hits Its Target -- NY Times Editorial Office"

"Council on Foreign Relations – serious factual flaws in January 19 posting"

Russians Get Freaked Out Over Western Press Misrepresentations

"Washington Post Distorts Bush Space Policy, Alarming World"

Misrepresentation of 'NFIRE' experiment
other stories...
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04/29/2005 - MSNBC.com: Fear and loathing in orbit -- Space robot‘s failure adds to confusion over weapons
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Summer 2004 - Air & Space Power Journal: “The space campaign space-power theory (from James Oberg) applied to counterspace operations”, by Brent D. Ziarnick
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12/20/2001 - Play "Space Card" Against Source of Islamic Terrorism
06/12/2001 - American Legion: Space War
07/1984 - Pearl Harbor in Space


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