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Oberg's Favorite BLOGS
Glenn Reynolds’ INSTAPUNDIT
Rand Simberg’s “Transterrestrial Musings”
Mark Whittington’s “Curmudgeon’s Corner”
LittleGreenFootballs (tracking islamicist terrorism)
PoliPundit (conservative bent)
DenBeste’s “USS Clueless”
Tech Central Station
Phil Bowermaster’s Speculist
Bill Whittle’s Eject!Eject!Eject!
Oberg's Favorite Links
Aerospace Guide (Dennis Newkirk)
Bad Astronomy by Phil Plait
Brian's Space Hotlist
CBS News Space
CNES French Space Agency
CNN Space News
Encyclopedia Astronautics
IEEE Spectrum Magazine
In Space, No One Can Hear You Call Room Service (Alice Lagnado on Tito flight)
Jonathan's Space Report (All Satellites)
Living Aloft: Human Requirements for Extended Spaceflight
Mary Connors, Albert Harrison, and Faren Akins (NASA SP-483)
Mark Shuttleworth's Mission
MSNBC Space News
NASA Watch
Rumor Control
Russia-in-Space (Anatoliy Zak)
Satellite Observers
Spaceflight Now
Space News
Sven Grahn's Space Notes
Urban Legends 1
Urban Legends 2


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