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From the roof of the 'Kosmotras Compound' at Yasniy, I take a compass reading on the Dnepr launch pad visible on the horizon several miles away.

Under splendid summer evening weather, the Americans and Russians and Ukrainians involved in the launch preparation gather in the courtyard to watch the skies and listen to live broadcasts of launch progress from the military team that handled it.

 While in moscow, I visited the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems and was given a briefing and a tour of their isolation facility planned for their 500-day six-person Mars mission simulation next year.


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      I interviewed Oleg Ivanovskiy, now 85 and the man put in charge of
readying the Sputnik for launch, fifty years ago. To be published.


Russian space doctors plan to subject volunteer crews to longer and longer periods of isolation in order to study possible psychological hazards of a mission to Mars. Article to appear. 

The 'Welcome to Yasniy' sign explained a lot about strange features seen in Google-Earth images. The town is mainly a mining community of about 40,000, who are relatively well off by Russian terms since they
live right next to the world's largest open-pit asbestos mine, which is not hazardous to their health at that stage of processing.

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Novodevichiy Cemetery lies adjacent to a monastery-museum of the same name, on the banks of the Moscow River in the west end of the city.

Watching the launch.




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