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Jim in 747 simulator for 'History Channel' special on Korean Air 007 shootdown; Miami, FL, 2005.
Jim with Aleksey Leonov, Star City, 1989.

New York, 1982, at the home of Isaac Asimov.
Baykonur, 1995 -- First US flag flown at Baykonur, at launch of Norman Thagard aboard Soyuz spacecraft.
Jim at 'Case for Mars' conference, Boulder, Colorado, 1981.
Houston, 1981, with Craig Covault, 'Aviation Week' space writer.

With fellow space journalist Dave Dooling, 1977, Houston.
September 2005 -- Jim explains features of Redstone rocket engine during 'Earth Orbit' space facilities tour..
Baykonur, 1995 -- Jim with cosmodrome commander General Shumilin.
Jim with space colonization guru Dr. Gerry O'Neal, 1979.
Jim with ISS Expedition-11 commander, Sergey Krikalyov, Houston, 2005. Houston, 1989 -- Jim with cosmonaut Georgiy Grechko and Soviet chief designer of spacesuits, Gay Severin.  


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