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Mission Control, Houston -- 1983 - Jim and associate Michael Veres during STS-7
'proximity operations' with free-flying subsatellite.
'Red Star in Orbit' is on display in the private space museum of the 'Energia Space and Rocket Corporation', Moscow suburb of Korolyov.

Mojave, California, 2004 -- Jim watches flight of SpaceShipOne (same binoculars used for Apollo-8).
Mission Control, Houston, 1981 -- Jim's teammates on the first orbital
flight of 'Columbia' -- back row: Tony Ceccacci, Gary Coen, Wayne Hale.
0088 Star City, Moscow, 1989 -- with cosmonaut commander, Vladimir Shatalov. With premier 'Earth Orbits' space tour, October 2005  
Jim's certificate as an honorary "Veteran of Baykonur" Jim with Mercury astronaut Scott Carpenter on book tour  
1997: Jim testifies before Congress about his concerns over flagging NASA flight safety standards, shortly before leaving his 22-year career at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Jim in the Russian "Mars Isolation Chamber", 2007  
Jim with private space hotelier Bob Bigelow 1975: Jim and NASA photo guru Dick Underwood show alleged 'astronaut UFO images' to J. Allen Hynek  


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