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Jim with British fellow space sleuths Phil Clark, Leonid Vladimirov, Rex Hall -- London, 1988
Jim (with beard) and Orson Welles on Dick Cavett show, 1981 "Orson, you know, we're going to invade Mars"

[Undisclosed location, mid-1990's] Jim authenticates a flown Vostok spacecraft now for sale
1991: Jim examines Soviet moon probe at Kaluga Museum
1991 -- Jim in the Mission Control Center 'Trench' During Space Rendezvous Jim with Swedish space radio sleuth Sven Grahn, NASM, Washington DC, 1975  
1991 -- The crucial rocket engine photo he obtained Jim up close and personal with a privately-owned flown Vostok capsule  
Jim at 'Bigelow Aerospace' plant in Nevada Jim with Boris Chertok, grand old man of Soviet space program  
1963: ROTC cadet Oberg meets Gordon Cooper 2008: Jim discusses newly-discovered Soviet space secrets with Jack Lousma, Skylab and Shuttle astronaut (he holds a fragment of the Soviet N-1 super booster explosion from July 1969).  


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