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1995: Jim scouts out the ins and outs of Baykonur secrets
2008: Jim broadcasts space news from NBC Studios at 30 Rock
"Space-Triviameister' Jim conducts 'space trivia quiz' at annual Mission Control chili cookoff Young USAF Captain Jim arrives in Houston at the very end of the Apollo program, 1975  
Jim reviews the troops in Red Square, 1991 Faget discusses space launch escape systems with cosmonauts Titov and Strekalov in Houston in 1995.  
In a special luncheon arranged by Jim, cosmonauts Vladimir Titov and Gennadiy Strekalov pin a medal on American spacecraft design guru Max Faget, who invented the launch escape tower, which the Soviets copied, which saved these men's lives in 1983. Jim watches a converted ICBM carry commercial satellite from Siberian base  


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